New Beginnings

Hello! As you may or may not know, my name is Jiliann Takamoto. I am currently 18 years old and I just started my 2nd quarter in college. I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. Some hobbies I had growing up was sports. Since I was 4 years old till my senior year of high school, i’ve been very active in many different athletics like gymnastics, soccer, volleyball, judo, swimming, tennis, hula (dance), track (elementary school and freshman year of high school) and softball (6th grade-senior year). I’ve always loved playing sports and being a part of a team. It taught me life lessons that I will forever hold with me, like how to work together with people, the importance of communication, how to put others before yourself, and to think about why you’re doing something because there’s a reason for everything. To sum up my “athletic lessons” in 3 words: perseverance, pride, and patience.

But also, it was a stress reliever.

Now that i’m in college, I no longer participate in sports because I want to strictly focus on my education (I will go more in depth about college life and goals on this platform). Well, that gets rid of my “stress reliever” so now what? To answer that question, it’s my journal. I am now into my second quarter of college and from the very first day of my first quarter (September 2018), I kept a journal. It was a personal journal filled with many entries, thoughts, my goals in life, just anything you could imagine. My memories, feelings, emotions, all poured into a small journal that nobody else read but me. This was my new “stress reliever”.

Is that the only reason why i’m blogging? Of course not.

I envision this platform as a way to put myself out there and to hopefully, one day inspire a few people along the way. With the new year here and me starting this new chapter in my life, I wanted to start documenting my life/ goals from here on out. Growing up, I always knew and realized how fortunate I was. It’s important I tell you this because, I believe, the only reason why a person would realize that is when we see other people having it way worse than you. I’ve watched videos and done research in school about other countries that struggle with something as simple as having clean drinking water. By creating this platform, I believe that this would be a good way to start inspiring people one by one to want to help others in this world.

An another note, another one of my hobbies would be traveling. I’ve travelled quite a bit this past year and hope to continue doing so around my busy schedule. I would also like to document every trip I go on, while also including some memorable trips I went on in 2018. Later down the line, I hope to post up vlogs, but for now, you’re just going to have to read my experience!

With all of our minds put together, we can make differences and create destinations. I hope you enjoy my blog!


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