Home Is Where

Home is where 
the air is oh so light 
and your future is bright.
Safe as can be
without a fright.
Home is where 
we eat, we cry
we laugh, we play
and where we wake up everyday. 

We lay our heads down every night 
on a pillow to sleep tight.
From making memories
to relaxing,
this is all done in our own little home. 
Finding comfort and peace
makes us unique
as we are able to find our inner selves
without having to speak.

Home can be temporary
but, at the end of the day 
it is the place you go
it is the place calling your name
even after you've left.
Home will be there for you 
when you need it the absolute most.
How can a human survive
without a home? 

Home isn't always just a building
with 4 wooden walls
and a roof over your head.
Home can also have
2 eyes, a nose, a mouth, and a beating heart.
A "home" has no restrictions
for it can have 4 arms and 5 legs.
It can be as big as Godzilla
or as small as a chinchilla. 

Some may say there's a difference between a house and a home
A house is made out of brick and paint 
A home is something that can't relate 
A house is made of walls and beams 
A HOME is made of love and dreams. 
Everyone has a "home"
"Home is where the heart is." -Pliny the Elder 
What is your home? 

Meaning: This short poem is one I wrote that relates to my love for
traveling as well as my new so called "home". It's just some of my
thoughts and interpretations but in to something small. As we know,
I just started college and home to me is a very broad term. I will
always consider home the place where I grew up in which is Hawaii.
Now that i'm going to college in another state, I now have to learn
how to apdpt to this neww envrionment. It is now my new "home" for
now. Same goes for traveling. Some of us may go to a place once and
absolutely fall in love with everything there and we could definitely
call that place "home". ("home is temporary" stanza).  There's so
much more to a word and LIFE than just it's cliche definition. 🙂

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