Picture Perfect

What in this world is perfect? Nothing according to our expectations, but if you really think about it what picture isn’t perfect? We travel through this journey called life. This journey isn’t perfect and will never be, obstacles are bound to occur and we are expected to get past it. Imagine if every time we blinked, we could take a picture and develop it. Would all of our pictures turn out crystal clear and of good quality like a camera would do for us? No. For all our pictures to be “perfect” we would have to stop, take in the scenery/ moment, and blink. Doing this would take a lot of work and you would have to take a step and pause countless amount of times.

A thing or two to know in life is that if things don’t go the way as planned, stop and think about it because there’s always a way to better/ fix the situation. Some of us feel like we live a blurry picture where nothing is crystal clear and that’s okay too. However, if we look past the blurriness of the picture, will it become clear again? To the person who took the picture, yes. We would most likely remember and know what we were trying to take a picture of and now that one blurry picture hold meaning to it. It’s almost like when you see abstract art in art galleries. We may walk past a art peace and think “I could’ve done that myself”, but the reason why it’s in the gallery is because of the meaning behind it. Sometimes we look at abstract things in life and automatically assume things, but we don’t take the time to understand they why question.

My point is, basically everything in life haas a meaning behind the blurriness and a flawed picture to you may be a perfect picture to someone else. We all have our own interpretations about things we encounter in life, but it’s important tot understand the other person’s point of view. We shouldn’t automatically assume a blurry/ blank picture was because the photographer isn’t good because that picture could have a special significant reasoning behind it according to that person.

I know we’ve all probably heard the saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Because it’s true. Often times, if something doesn’t meet our expectations, it’s automatically labeled as “flawed” even if it has a whole lot off meaning to us. We know no one else would understand the picture and no one would understand us as an individual, so a lot of pictures we take don’t make it to our social media databases. A lot of things we do in life aren’t shared to even the closest people to us in our lives because we think no one else would understand.

Like I said before, life comes with stopping points in order to take a clear picture. However, instead of using the stops as a way to take a clear photo, use the stops as a way to reflect about the purpose something has. Our destination is someplace, far off into the distance and by keeping memories along the way is an important thing to do. These tell you the purpose and reasoning as to how you got to where you are today and also could be reminders as to all the struggle you went through in the past.

For some of us, our journey, also known as life, may be quicker than others. Some will find success before others, and some of us, our journey will be a slow one. The one thing that’s promised is eventually, our journey will come to an end with great reward for those that deserve it. How can you earn this ending reward? Simply with a smile and a head held high, while traveling through this journey, called life.

Check out my “contact me” page and let me know what type of other content I should post on my blogs or on my traveling pages. Your feedback is very much appreciated as i’m just starting and would love to better myself as I continue my journey of blogging. Thank you!

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