Overcoming Fears

Have you ever wanted to do something in life, but you’re scared to do so? And it’s not because of the negative consequences, but simply because you don’t know what to expect? I’m sure all of us have come across a point in our lives where we felt this feeling. I know I have many times and sometimes it can be a big buzzkill.

One of the biggest times I felt this feeling of “I don’t want to do this anymore” was right before I left for college for the first time. It was my first time going away from all my family and friends as well as starting school in an “unknown” environment. I’m sure we can all relate and even if you didn’t attend college, maybe you can relate by another huge change in your life.

My best advice for you: take risks.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking “why should I take your advice? I always hear that phrase.” I truly believe that you can’t go about in life not taking risks. From the time you’re a baby, you take risks from wanting to take your very first steps. Sometimes you take risks without even knowing it. Going back to my college experience, I took many risks that all combine into a huge risk. Small risks: making a decision to even attend college, deciding what major, going miles and miles away, going to a college where I know not one single person. All these smaller risks built up to the main risk of starting college.

I started off thinking college was going to be really fun being away from home and I was going to make a ton of friends. It was going to be all first year college students dream. Boy I was wrong and it started before I even left. A couple days before I knew I was leaving, it was the hardest days of my life. I wanted time to slow down and I wasn’t ready at all to leave and start school in a new environment and where I wasn’t familiar with anyone or anything. I was now in a situation where I would have to eventually overcome this fear. I kept telling myself all my other friends are already off in college and if they can do it I will too.

My point is, by being mentally strong is a gift that everyone should aquire and a talent everyone should get good at. Everything that sets you back in life and everything that you think you can’t do all starts with your mentality. Have a strong mindset that you can and with this confidence you will be able to go places in life.

Overcoming fears of uncertainty is inevitable, but we all are able to take risks in life and whatever happens in the end happens. Who knows. It may be a surprise to you and no regrets whatsoever, or it could go the opposite way. Just remember everything in life happens for a reason, but without taking risks in life, you will never know the outcome. Always have a strong mental state and the right confidence to overcome your fears.

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