Oregon Road Trip (2018)

October 6-7 2018

“An Amazing View” (outside the Pittock Mansion)

Hello everyone! I’m really excited to share with you guys about this trip. Just some background: This was now my second month in to the college life in Washington and my mom had decided to fly down for the weekend and part of the week to visit me. In Hawaii, it was fall break, so my mom was off from work for a week. During this weekend, we did so much fun things in such a short period of time. Now, let’s get right into it!

From the title, you already know where I went, but this was my first time going to Oregon ever and I couldn’t have been more excited to wake up at 6 AM on October 6th. Yes. I said 6 AM. This morning, my aunty (lives in Washington) picked up my mom and they came straight to pick me up…at 6 in the morning. Then, we went to pick up my friend who went to high school with me (also going to college near my school in Washington). This was going to be a long drive. We’re talking like 5-6 hours straight, so along the way before getting into Oregon, we stopped at Panera bread to have a little breakfast to hold us over till we got to our destination. It was also my first time at Panera Bread and I got a yummy Chipotle Chicken Avocado Melt. After this, we continued on with our adventure to Oregon! (Disclaimer: I will not show other people in pictures due to privacy reasons. Thank you for understanding.)

Halfway there, of course, I fell asleep.

The first thing we did when we arrived in Oregon was go to Multnomah Falls. Let me just say it was freezing! But aside from that, that waterfall was gorgeous and it was just a really nice day to go to this. In order to get up on that bridge (third pic), you have to take a short little hike. After, we walked around the gift shop and I bought my cousins some gifts. In this gift shop there were souvenirs, lots of Bigfoot related things (keychains, stickers, shirts, magnets, literally anything you can think of, and lots of other miscellaneous things. By the end, we were all freezing so we decided to leave and “tourist” around someplace else. We ended up walking around Pioneer Square which is a huge outdoor mall area. We ate dinner there and did lots of shopping before we headed to check into our hotel.

When we got to the hotel, everyone was so ready to take a shower and go to bed. Though we didn’t do much today, it was still a pretty long day, Tomorrow would be an even longer and eventful day and I couldn’t wait!

October 7, 2019: Today, we went to look at the Pittock Mansion, the Rose Garden and we ate at this small cafe located in downtown Portland. Honestly, the day didn’t start off that great. It rained all day and our first stop was the Rose garden. None of us wanted to get out of the car due to the rain and this is one of the places I would love to come back to in the future. After this, we went to the famous tourist attraction, Pittock Mansion. I love going to museums because it’s interesting to see and learn about other people’s past and how their life was com[pared to yours.

Pittock Mansion is a museum and you walk through this mansion and you can see all the appliances from the early 20th century life. I would highly recommend this stop if you’re someone who loves to go to museums or maybe to just look at how the structure of the house is because not much of us get the opportunity to be in a mansion am I right? This mansion was home to Henry Pittock, a newspaper publisher/ creator. Him and his wife planned out the whole structure of the mansion, but unfortunately only got to live in it for about 4 years. The house has 46 rooms and Henry Pittock’s family member’s also lived there. I didn’t include pictures of inside the mansion so you can go check it out for yourself and spoiler alert: it’s worth the trip, even when it’s raining!

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