Tokyo Disneyland/ Disney Sea

November 11-13 2017

Hello everyone! I just would like to document this amazing trip that I went on a couple years ago. As you can probably tell from the title, my family and I went to Tokyo Disney and Disney Sea! This was my first time and my family’s first time being in Tokyo. Though this trip was on the shorter side, we did so much and had double the amount of FUN! If you ever are considering going to Tokyo Disneyland or Sea here were some of my personal highlights.

Side note: My family and I go on super short trips like just for the weekend so my family trips to Japan are for max 3 days, which is pretty cool, but also VERY tiring.


  • Around the parks (at both Disneyland and DisneySea) they have popcorn stands, but not just any popcorn…popcorn flavors from savory to sweet! Some of the flavors I tried were caramel, curry, and honey. Other flavors: Milk Chocolate, Soy Sauce and Butter, Barbecue, corn potage, Salt, and more
Not to mention, at every stand they have a different disney character popcorn container for sale!
  • Super cute Mickey shaped food items
  • Disneyland: Chicken legs
  • DisneySea: Turkey legs
Turkey Legs!
Mickey Burger!

Which one was better? Definitely the chicken legs. YUM!

Now I know what you’re thinking….is there anything good other than the food? YES!!

  • Light shows/ parades
  • Disneyland: Good rides for the family, especially kids. My favorite ride at any Disneyland is always Space Mountain. Tokyo Disney has basically the same rides as Disneyland in California, the only difference, i’m sure you could probably guess….all rides in Japan are in Japanese.
  • DisneySea: More “teen-like” rides. There’s also many water rides that are fun and interactive. One of my most memorable rides was this new Nemo submarine ride. This ride made it like you’re actually underwater with Nemo and his friends…..only thing is…if you get sea sick, this ride isn’t for you.

Luckily, my family and I were fortunate enough to go on this short trip during a time when everyone’s as school or work. Or at least are supposed to be. This means, there wasn’t much lines for the rides that we had to wait in, however, towards 3:00 PM, of course the parks started to get busier so we hd to get fast passes to avoid as much lines and wait times as we could. Just going to Disneyland or DisneySea is such a great experience. Even as something as small as riding the train to get from park to park.

Interior design of the train to get from Disneyland to DisneySea.

This trip was definitely one to remember and I would definitely like to go back one day.

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