Past Trip (anything before 2019): These traveling posts are going to be quite lengthy only because these are my top most memorable trips and there’s lots to share! For my “future” traveling, I plan to start a YouTube channel and posts vlogs on there so that the blog post aren’t so lengthy and it’ll actually be like you guys came with me on my trip! My hopes are for people to look through these posts and get inspired to maybe want to travel to the places I go, or do some of the things that I had to most fun doing. For now, enjoy my past traveling posts with some pictures and some tips on what I think is worth absolutely doing.

Please visit my “contact” page and let me know if you think starting up vlogs for future trips would be worth while. I’d still post a rundown of the most important things from my trips, but my vlogs would just be a “more in depth behind the scenes” type of content.

More exciting trips are to come!